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Suggestions[edit source]

Can we add some more features in this wiki please? At least start with a place where we can post suggestions like a forum, which there should be an extension for.

--preceding comment added by Psykofreac

In these talk pages, please try and remember to title your additions like this: "== [title] ==" (remove quotes), and sign your comments like this: "~ ~ ~" (remove quotes and spaces) - it helps to keep them organized and easier to browse. That said, I'm unclear on what you mean by "suggestions". If you are referring to suggestions for new works to be included, have you tried visiting the Sightings page? As for new feature suggestions, they can be added on this page for the moment. Dissentrix (talk)
This is kind of my point, this discussion section is a bit inconvenient to use and people don't tend to notice it. And yeah, I meant an area where people can suggest ways to improve the wiki. Psykofreac (talk)

Add articles on anime page[edit source]

How do I add articles on the anime page of the wiki for mind control? Hatsuyuki55 (talk) 04:10, 23 June 2022 (UTC)

Just make a new URL like the other pages. Basically, go to one of the pages and you see on the URL bar where the name of the page is typed, replace it with the title of the show you want to add with _ at the spaces. The URL will start as a dead link but then you can edit it as a new page, hope it's not too confusing. Psykofreac (talk)