The Electric Company (2009 Series)

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The Electric Company is a 2009 revival of the 1971 children's educational series of the same name. The series revolves around a number of segments, usually with a technological bent, and a variety of characters.

Scrambled Brains ( Season 1 Episode 10 )[edit | edit source]

Annie wants to make Lisa look bad so she asks her uncle Sigmund to switches Annie's and Lisa's brains by hypnosis.

Electric Accompany ( Season 1 Episode 19 )[edit | edit source]

Annie asks Keith to compose a song for her, he refuses her request, she persuade him by using hypnosis, later Hector and Lisa ask her to release their friend from her control but she hypnotize them too, finally her uncle Sigmund snaps everyone from their trance.

Prankster Planet 2: Mission 2[edit | edit source]

Jessica and Marcus, while on a quest to stop Francine's Reverse-a-ball, run into one of her traps: a machine that hypnotizes Jessica to act like a baby lion.

Friends or Aunts ( Season 1 Episode 25 )[edit | edit source]

In order to win in a game show, Annies aunt Sandy tries to hypnotize Hector and Lisa but they protect themselfs with mirrors and she ends up hypnotizing herself, later she successfully hypnotize the shows cameraman into sleep.