The Sinister Eyes of Dr. Orloff

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The Sinister Eyes of Doctor Orloff is a 1973 Spanish horror film directed by Jesús Franco. It is the third film by the director that has Dr. Orloff​ a mad doctor.


Plot[edit | edit source]

Melissa, a beautiful young woman, suffers from recurring nightmarish nightmares that cause her to wake up terrified. The young woman sees herself as a child being chased by a dim figure who, when she catches up with her, bathes her legs in blood. She suffers from this dream since, at the age of ten, her father died with his throat cut and she was left paralyzed.

The relatives who care for the young woman, upon hearing the news of Dr. Orloff's return, summon him to diagnose the girl. The supposed scientist takes the opportunity to submit Melissa to her will and turn her into the executing arm of her bloody revenge against her entire family.

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