The Source (2002 Movie)

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The Source, also known as The Secret Craft or The Surge, is a 2002 American horror/sci-fi movie about four outcast teenagers who acquire mystical powers and use them to gain revenge over their tormentors. The film was directed by S. Lee Taylor and stars Mathew Scollon, Melissa ReneƩ Martin, Edward DeRuiter, and Alice Frank.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Reece (Scollon), Ashley (Martin), Zach (DeRuiter), and Phoebe (Frank) are four friends who are all outcasts at their high school. Zach leads them to a nearby location in the woods where, he believes, there is a source of energy that will revolutionize the world. When the teens visit the spot, they find that the energy gives them each a superpower. Reece can heal others, Ashley can control minds, Zach can read minds, and Phoebe can move objects with her mind.

The four use their powers to confront all of their enemies at school, and others who have treated them badly. They begin to abuse their powers, especially Ashley, who intends to rule over the town like a god, and who will let nothing- not even her former friends- get in her way.

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