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Hello,321Sleep,I am Sterkers and i creat a new account Male-Sleeper.

Could you please contact my previous account, or help me to cancel it. I didn't read the notice you wrote above because I am in China, and the content on it is sometimes inaccessible. I can't reply to your specific request due to network reasons. I want to add your Discord account but I can't find it. So I can only answer you here.

And what I want to ask you is where did these pictures come from, and why are they not complete. Some episodes have multiple controls and hypnosis. Also, can you edit the related content here?

Some of your content feels unfounded, such as why there are two versions of Detective Anna's drama merged together. Can't it be separated as two versions? I saw on Imdb that there are only 40 episodes in total. Not two seasons as many episodes as you do.

Finally I want to ask how to edit my content, I will not write the storyline, I will only find how many episodes of the episode, can you please help me edit it? What content in my previous account was carefully screened by me, I don't know if you will delete or keep this content. Hope you see my reply to the message. Thank you.

You are banned from this Wiki. Opening new accounts to circumvent the ban is grounds for another instant-ban and deletion of posts.
I've already banned Male-Sleeper and will continue to ban any new sockpuppet accounts.

Doubt[edit source]


A doubt. From now on will all edits have to go through moderation before being accepted?

Moderation[edit source]

A side-effect of a new system we are trying out. But the edits will always be approved for existing wiki editors.