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Updating old Wiki pages[edit source]

Thanks for the notification. I am new to wiki-style formatting, so sorry in advance if I am not meant to message you this way. I have a question about the site's pages. Since the site is a carryover from the old Fandom site, is there some sort of template for creating pages? I do want to contribute by updating images and pages, but some pages look distinct from one another. For example, a page will have its summary under a header while another page would not. p.s. I saw on your profile that you were on Hypnohub. I go there myself, but I intend to be more active on this site. MesMerZ (talk) 17 April 2023

No, you're fine. Concerning your question, the formatting is a little loose, in part because the old wiki itself didn't really have a consistent formatting either (and was shut down before any actual enforceable ruleset could be implemented).
The usual, and from what I can tell ideal, format goes: page image at the very top, intro lead, header for summary (or for issues/episodes/chapters in the case of episodic works like series or comics), then summary, and finally gallery section (with or without gallery header). Generally speaking, I will say that, as long as you have "intro blurb" then "summary/summaries", you should be okay; headers are mainly valuable in cases where there's going to be a table of content (so for instance, when several different issues require their own specific header, like here). So, although technically the usual ruling concerning these things is that headers are required, mods would only react if someone doesn't use headers in multi-issue works (at least until we implement an enforceable, consistent ruleset, which I believe would have to wait until the forum goes back up).
With that said, however, do use headers, regardless of the nature of the work. It's good practice in general.
The most important things, I would say, are:
  1. Be clear and readable (and, if posting a foreign work, attempt as best as possible to translate to coherent English);
  2. Describe, and focus on, whatever mind-control is occurring, as this is the whole point of this wiki, and try to avoid going into too much unnecessary detail about the plot in general, as if people want actual summaries, they can visit Wikipedia, or other wikies about the work - here, a lighter synopsis is fine;
  3. Use the right categories and templates, and particularly the "meta" ones (Stub, Incomplete Page, In Need of Screencaps, Marked for Cleanup). If you're not sure whether one of your pages is fine, just add the Cleanup category + template.
A "new page template" is a good idea, though. I'll have to see if there's some extension that's possible to install for creating pages.
Also, just fyi, if you want to add your signature easily to your messages on talk page (which is something we require to improve readability concerning who left what message), you can just put four "~" symbols at the end of your message, like so: ~~~~
Thanks! Dissentrix (talk) 11:54, 18 April 2023 (UTC)

Image Replacement Policy[edit source]

There is a banner at the time of this writing stating Miraheze's server space is full, and I have a question on how to help.

I know Miraheze has a feature that replaces old images with new ones of the same file type, but I want to know what the policy is for uploading the same images with a more efficient file type. For the Justice League Action page, I replaced the old screencaps with new ones I uploaded. This is not an efficient method, but I could not replace the old ones due to the file types being different. Since the old screencaps take too much space and aren't needed anymore, I was wondering if there is a way to delete them off of the wiki to save on file space. The main page talked about file space being an issue on Miraheze, and having two uploads is a waste of resources. MesMerZ (talk) 03:23, 22 June 2023 (UTC)

p.s. I was looking for a way to delete the old screencaps on my own and found a method to do so from the AVID wiki: I want to know your thoughts before this can be implemented on here.

Apologies for the late response, we were away from the wiki since there was a concern that Miraheze would shut down (which for now, no longer seems to be the case); I'll check in with the other mods and think about this. Dissentrix (talk) 00:39, 29 June 2023 (UTC)