Your Majesty

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"Your Majesty" (Original Title: 皇恩浩蕩), is a 2016 Taiwanese idol drama. Co-produced by Taiwan, China and South Korea. Gathering new actors from Taiwan, South Korea, Mainland China, Singapore, etc., starring Li Zhangyu (played in Korean, some will be dubbed in Chinese), Fang Anna, Chen Kuangyi, and Ao Quan. Filming began on April 21, 2015 and ended on July 17. It premiered on China Television Digital Channel on July 13, 2016.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Ningyue Kingdom was created by the Moon Clan in the Milky Way at the beginning of the chaos of the universe. Emperors of all dynasties would use hereditary magic to transfer all their illnesses to others in order to preserve their own energy. Song Jin is the 28th generation emperor's successor. He watched his father perform such cruel spells since he was a child, and also witnessed his mother tragically die in front of his father.

Later, Song Jin grew up with the help of the high priest. As for Gu Yourong, she was the favorite of the high priest and the saint of Ningyue Kingdom. With strong spiritual power and high status, she was the prime candidate for the future empress. Zhao Xiao is a spiritual girl who takes care of the emperor's daily life, and on a certain full moon night, Zhao Xiao followed Song Jin on an evening stroll across Lake Bicheng, and the ballad she casually sang triggered the dusty bracelet at the bottom of the lake, opening the door of time and space, sending Song Jin, Gu Yourong, and Zhao Xiao to the present time. As Song Jin and Zhao Xiao begin to fall in love, Gu Yourong intends to use the opportunity to secure her way to the throne, not hesitating to use her powers to do so, including her mind control abilities.

Episode 03[edit | edit source]

Song Jin and You Rong meet in modern times, and You Rong tells Song Jin about the ancient artifact bracelet that can help him return to his own time. Song Jin and Zhao Xiao are admitted to Ji University together, and Song Jin warns Zhao Xiao to stay away from Zhou Yiming. Gu Yourong also enrolls in the university, and soon uses her powers to hypnotize her roommate. As the time approaches for the second full moon, Song Jin tries to open a new time portal, but the bracelet's spiritual power suddenly disappears.

Episode 17[edit | edit source]

Zhao Xiao couldn't get up because of the cramps, Song Jin picked up Zhao Xiao and let her stay in his room until she recovered. The two begin to become closer and fall in love, to the displeasure of Gu Yaourong, who plans to seduce Song Jin hypnotizing a stylist to get the perfect clothes for it.

Episode 30[edit | edit source]

Yourong's magic power increased, and she started to make things difficult for Zhao Xiao by taking control of the girl's mind. At this time, Yiming, who had a sudden personality change, appeared to protect Zhao Xiao. Fortunately, Zhao Xiao stopped the uncontrolled Yiming in time. Song Jin and others went together to the crater and found Grandpa Zhou who had fainted. To return to Ningyue Kingdom, Gu Yourong prepares to sacrifice Zhao Xiao to open the door of time. Yourong bewitches Song Jin, and orders him to kill Zhao Xiao, but suddenly Song Jin manages to break free from Gu Yourong's control. Zhao Xiao was willing to sacrifice himself to allow Song Jin to return to Ningyue Realm, but Song Jin, who loved her deeply, did something unexpected.